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At East End Acupuncture Associates, we are grateful for our wonderful patients.

Read some of our unsolicited testimonials:


At East End Acupuncture Associates, we are grateful for our wonderful patients.

Read some of our unsolicited testimonials:

“Co-proprietor Julie Sigler-Baum is a straight-up (and hands-down) excellent acupuncturist, though if she’s not available the other practitioners are great, too. All in, this airy little spot is the real deal.”

Gordon S.

“I had years of struggling with asthma as a child and acupuncture helped me to the point where I do not need an inhaler. Thanks East End Acupuncture”

“Been going for over a year, it has been a blessing in my life. Julie is the kindest person and extremely knowledgeable in what she does. Strongly recommended

Beni S

Eileen R.

“While going through very intense chemotherapy and recovering from major surgery, the acupuncture treatments which I received at East End Acupuncture greatly improved my quality of life. It successfully treated symptoms of nausea, neuropathy, exhaustion and anxiety. I am so deeply thankful for the grateful for the tremendous healing work that I was able to access through the brilliant, thoughtful and generous team. I cannot imagine how I would have survived the ordeal without their Genius!”

Julie is simply amazing. She makes you feel at home from the moment you walk in. She worked on me at around 24 weeks pregnant and the pain in my back / sciatica was gone. I felt a deep release! I can’t wait to continue seeing her for her services throughout this pregnancy and after. Thank you Julie!

Lacey B

Gordon G

Julie was able to take care of my Sciatica in only a couple days, where normally it would take a couple of weeks to go away on its own. She is great. Highly recommended.

“I’ve had the best experience being treated by Julie Sigler-Baum. I’ve been coming for 10 years and she helped me physically and mentally. My energy has improved and I no longer suffer from headaches due to allergies. I am so grateful.”

Paul A.

Gwen M.

“Julie has improved the overall quality of my life. I no longer suffer with chronic back pain and my allergies are gone!"

“The best ever, and I’ve tried other acupuncturists. Brilliant for injury, physical and emotional, hormonal balance, sickness.”

April G.

"I can't tell you how much Julie Sigler-Baum has helped me. About seventeen years ago, pulmonary aspirations caused by my hiatal hernia, left me with asthma so severe that, at one time, I was taking up to 50 mg's of prednisone a day to help me breathe. Before I started seeing Julie I considered it a good day if I did not have discomfort walking a 1/4 mile a day. I used to love to walk so I know that when I sound elated in being able, in the course of a day, to walk over two miles it doesn't sound like a big deal. To me, however, it is like a miracle. When one hasn't felt well for so long, it is a wonder to, once again, be able to go to a fair or art gallery, or even to the mailbox and back, without fear. I certainly never expected to feel better in my eighties! I have no idea how Julie does what she does but I am glad she has the God-given gift to do it."

Marilyn McGuire

Rachel K

"I love East End Acupuncture and will advise anybody to go see Julie. I have been to a variety of Acupuncturists around America & England and i have never met a practitioner as compassionate, intuitive and knowledgeable as Julie. She has such a strong desire to help people and to continue to learn and expand on her already tremendous skills, it is inspiring and i trust and value her advice and judgement. There is no issue too big or too small that Julie can't help with and immediately provide relief. And she always follows up to see how you are, which is a kind of care that you don't get from most people."

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